My First Exhibition, with The Poop Deck Project

Poop Deck Exhibition

This month, I’ll be taking part in my first, proper gallery exhibition. Sharing space with the Inkygoodness Beermat Characters show, AMMO Magazine will be showcasing its new Poop Deck project, of which I’m a part.

54 illustrators from all over the world will be collaborating to make one arrrrgh-some deck of cards — each artist is in charge of illustrating one card, from either the Pirate Crew, Cursed Pirate Crew, Royal Navy Officers or Mythical Sea Creatures suit, and they’ll be bundled together and on sale at the Coningsby Gallery in central London.

In addition, each playing card will be blown up and framed to go up on the walls, so you can see the whole lot in their salty glory!

The exhibition will be running from April 29th to May 4th, with the opening night on Tuesday, 30th April.

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