Poop Deck and Inkygoodness Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago, I had a piece of work up on display in the Coningsby Gallery in central London for the Poop Deck Project exhibition, which was running alongside the Inkygoodness Beermat Characters show. On April 30th, the gallery was open into the evening for a very successful launch night.

This was the first time I’ve had my work properly framed and displayed in a gallery, so it was a pretty exciting night for me — the standard of the work alongside mine was flatteringly good, and the entire collection worked brilliantly together.

For those unaware of what the Poop Deck Project was, the brief was to create an illustration to feature on a playing card. 55 other illustrators and I were given a card number, a colour scheme and a character title (to fit into one of four nautical-themed decks), and these illustrations were turned into a beautiful pack of playing cards, as well as being printed at A4 size to adorn the gallery walls.

As I say, the launch night was a success, with such a high turnout that it became a battle to view every piece on show as you had to squeeze your way through the crowds! That so many people stuck around for so long to do so is testament to the great exhibition that AMMO Magazine and Inkygoodness put together (and I’m sure the free drinks from Sailor Jerry didn’t hurt either!).

See below for a few images from my night, as well as the official exhibition video… You can also purchase the print of my illustration, and the complete pack of cards, from the Poop Deck shop.

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