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New Promo Postcards Landing on Desks

Last week I ordered my first batch of promotional postcards. If you commission illustration and would like a postcard sent to you, get in touch!

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Selling at the Café Cairo Christmas Market

I’ll be taking part in Café Cairos’ first Christmas market on December 13th, selling prints and gifts by me and a selection of other talented illustrators.

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New Site, New Logo, New Beginning!

Since I went full-time freelance back in September, I figured that it wasn’t sensible to run my illustration and design businesses under different names — there’s obviously a lot of cross-over between the two, plus I don’t want to have to carry two sets of business cards around with me! So, I decided that I should bring my design projects under the Nice Hot Cuppa umbrella.

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Initial Thoughts on Google+

So I managed to get myself a Google+ invite earlier, and spend a bit of time over my lunch break playing around with it and getting familiarised. First impressions are that it’s a prettier version of Facebook. It’s got most of the same functionality (except for Events, which are a key reason in why I’ve […]

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Studio Move

With a few changeovers in tenants in the studio I work from, the opportunity came to relocate my desk (again) to a cooler position, ready for the summer. I’ve almost got everything back in order after moving yesterday, and it’s feeling like a good spot!

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FreeAgent Review & Discount

For a couple of months now, I’ve been using FreeAgent to take care of my invoicing and book-keeping needs. I had been using Freshbooks for years — their invoicing system still works very well, and I saw no real reason to leave… That is until, one evening in the pub, a friend mentioned that they’d […]

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Say Hello to Nice Hot Cuppa

Well, this has been a long time coming. I bought this domain a couple of years ago, knowing that I wanted to create a studio name for myself, but not being quite sure exactly what to do with it. There’s been various reasons for the delay in getting this up, from having to go back […]

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