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New Site, New Logo, New Beginning!

Since I went full-time freelance back in September, I figured that it wasn’t sensible to run my illustration and design businesses under different names — there’s obviously a lot of cross-over between the two, plus I don’t want to have to carry two sets of business cards around with me! So, I decided that I should bring my design projects under the Nice Hot Cuppa umbrella.

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WordPress Templates for Redirecting to Another Post

Just a quickie here to share a couple of templates that I’ve put together that have helped me out on a number of sites in the past. Redirect to Post ID Set this template to a page, and then just enter the ID of another post or page into the page’s content. <?php /* Template […]

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Schedule cPanel Backup to External FTP Server with Hostgator

I’ve just had to set up a Hostgator reseller account to automatically backup files and databases and export them to another FTP server, and as it took a little while for me to get it sorted, I thought I’d post what I did here to help others out. Firstly, create a file in your hosting […]

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Logo Design: Licensing vs. One-Off Fees

I recently had to turn down (or be turned down for, depending on your outlook) an illustration job due to an incompatibility with a potential client’s pricing structure. The illustration in question was to form part of a logo, and so I was dealing with a designer ‘middle man’, so to speak, rather than the […]

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Metal Beer Font — Lower Case Characters

I’ve finally just finished the lower-case characters for my Metal Beer font. Next step, numbers and special characters, so there’s a working alphabet, and then, eventually, I’ll take a look at the upper-case characters. If anyone knows of any free/cheap software to convert these into a real font, I’d love to hear about it, please. […]

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Metal Beer Font — WIP

Last year, I created a limited-character font for a beer label illustration – I’ve finally revisited it and started creating the rest of the alphabet. If I can get it completed soon, then I’ll likely look into converting it into a real, usable font which I may sell, so keep an eye out!

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Add Max-Width and Max-Height Parameters to the TimThumb Script

For a while, over on my illustration site (Nice Hot Cuppa) I was using TimThumb to resize the thumbnails of my portfolio images. However, I was having to use a second script to resize the main images, as the layout of my site demanded that they were generated with a maximum width and height. Out […]

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Creative Review Tweetup

Last night, after hearing about it at the last minute and managing to get on the list, I went along to Creative Review‘s first tweetup. Firstly, it was great to go to the Design Museum, where the event was held, as it’s one of those places that I know I should have been to already, […]

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It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve felt like I’ve been missing out on the cool kids’ club, but I’m now finally on Dribbble! If you want to get sneak peeks at what I’m working on, take a look at my profile, and add me to your follow list:

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Multiple Search Results Pages within One WordPress Site

On a client site I’m currently developing in WordPress, I’m having to add the client’s existing articles to the new site, as well as his old blog. I wanted them to both exist as Posts, but to be separated within the site. Most of that was straightforward – by assigning articles and blog posts to […]

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