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Ohh Deer Pillow Fight 2

My submissions to this year’s Pillow Fight competition, to source new contributions to the Ohh Deer illustrated curated collection, with links to upvote and purchase!

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Illustration of Heisenberg’s name, spelled out in elementary chemistry symbols, similar to the Breaking Bad title screen.

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Poop Deck and Inkygoodness Exhibition

Review and photos of the Poop Deck show at Coningsby Gallery, London, in April/May 2013.

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Poop Deck Sneek Peek

A teaser of my illustration for the AMMO Magazine Poop Deck Project.

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My First Exhibition, with The Poop Deck Project

I’ll be exhibiting my work in a gallery for the first time, in central London, as part of AMMO Magazine’s Poop Deck playing card project.

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Einhorn is Finkle: Threadless Work-in-Progress

Typographic illustration of a quote from the hit 90s movie, ‘Ace Ventura, Pet Detective’. Please give your feedback on this design!

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New Promo Postcards Landing on Desks

Last week I ordered my first batch of promotional postcards. If you commission illustration and would like a postcard sent to you, get in touch!

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Prints on Sale at Studio 73, Brixton Village

For the next couple of weeks, I’ve got my A5 prints on sale at Studio 73 in Brixton Village. I’m hoping that they’ll sell well, so that they’ll continue to stock these and new prints, so if you’re in the area, pop in and take a look!

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Download Auto-Save Action Set for Adobe Illustrator

Download an Action Set to create a workaround for a 10 minute auto-save feature.

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Ask an Illustrator — Open Twitter Session for Advice on Adobe Illustrator

Rob Barrett reveals plans to open his Twitter account to anyone asking for Adobe Illustrator tips, advice and techniques, through the #AskAnIllustrator tag.

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